Looking around on the Internet, Facebook, and other social networking sites, I seem to stumble across my peers and my colleagues whether by their advertisements or posts where the real estate agents boast, “Another home sold by ABC Real Estate!” It’s as though they are pointing at it to say that this is the epitome or tagline of success. They want you to see that this is what “success” looks like. They want us to be impressed, “Oh wow! They sold another home! They must be really good!” More power to them, but is that really all there is to it?

Realistically though, at end of the day, isn’t that your job? Isn’t it your job to sell that house? Wouldn’t it make more sense to say, “Home sold in 19 days” or “Home sold above asking price” or “Home sold in 21 days for 98% of asking price” or “Had 50 people come through the open house this weekend”? Wouldn’t it be more effective to stop using generalizations about how “good” we are at our jobs and instead, find a way to share some insight or informative piece concerning the positive outcome at work?

An agent saying they sold yet another home is the equivalent of a cashier boasting about selling yet another hamburger or a pilot boasting about flying to Bermuda. How is that supposed to demonstrate how effective you are at your job? It’s just the bottom line of what you have chosen to do as a job or career. It’s your job to sell that home! Congratulations on successfully completing a transaction within your job, but at the end of the day, share the actual success. So, the pilot flew to Bermuda. The success is he left Hanscom Airport at a given time and shaved a half hour off of the projected flight time. Don’t just share that you happened to do your job that day, share the reason of your success, share the particulars of that home being sold so that people can see not only that you do your job, but what about you doing your job makes you great.